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Wiltshire Mind are extremely grateful to the Salisbury Area Board for a grant awarded in late November 2016 for £1,199. The grant helped contribute towards the running costs of Wiltshire Mind’s Salisbury peer support group for people from young adults to older people with mental health issues. The group meets on a weekly basis in a community hub above the SP2 Coffee Shop on Fisherton Street, Salisbury. John Page leads the group assisted by two volunteers Gary and Ron. The group has also recently been joined by Leigh Chalmers, Outreach Officer at Salisbury Cathedral who is working with the group on a number of projects including creative writing.

The Wiltshire Mind Friday group is currently one of the only groups locally supporting social activities for adults who have mental health issues, so the opportunity to get together and meet others socially is vital for those who attend, indeed there are some members for whom the Friday meeting was their only social activity of the week and now they also meet outside of the group and have started attending other local hobby groups together.

There is plenty of evidence that membership has had a positive impact on those that attend. It is worth noting that one member has recently got married, another has secured a full-time job while another is having success in relation to art and poetry, all of which builds the confidence for people to move their lives forward in a positive way.  The Salisbury Support Group provides a real lifeline to many with mental health issues in the Community Area.

A big thank-you to Salisbury Area Board. The grant helped the group at a time when it was in dire need of funding.  Wiltshire Mind is a totally unfunded local charity working across Wiltshire.  We are not funded by National Mind and are not commissioned by any of the authorities in Wiltshire.

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