Wiltshire farmers’ views sought for research

Wiltshire farmers’ views sought for research

Cranfield University is undertaking a research project called Wessex BESS investigating how the countryside and nature in Wiltshire affects people’s sense of wellbeing. The researchers would like to interview farmers in the county south of the M4 motorway about their role in managing the Wiltshire countryside.

Interviews will take between one hour and one and a half hours to complete at a time at your convenience, and will focus on how you make decisions on managing your land for food production, forestry, nature conservation or any other land use. The interviews would be between December 2015 and February 2016.

All interviews will be in strict confidence and any information that we make public from the interviews will be reported anonymously. This means that your personal identity and the name and address of your farm will not be disclosed in any distributed, archived or published material resulting from this research. You will of course have the right to withdraw from this research at any time, and your responses will be used only for academic, non-commercial purposes.

Findings from this research are intended to inform future government policy aimed at assisting farmers in balancing their competing land management requirements and maximising the benefits they get from their land.

If you are a farmer in this area and are happy to participate, email Jim McGinlay at or call 01234 758 125. For more information on the Wessex BESS project go to

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