What a night!

What a night!

Thousands enjoyed a spectacular pageant that brought together communities from across Wiltshire in celebration of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

There was a carnival atmosphere at the event, which was organised by Wiltshire Council, working in partnership with Salisbury City Council, Salisbury Cathedral and Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts (DOCA).

There was a carnival atmosphere throughout Salisbury last night (Monday 15 June) as a host of entertainers, ranging from the Devizes Town Band to the Phoenix Stars Cheerleaders and White Horse Morris entertained the crowds in and around the Market Place from 6pm.


The community procession entered Blue Boar Row at 7.45pm, with each of the community barons being introduced to the crowd, ahead of the procession leaving Market Place.

The celebrations took place eight centuries to the day since King John met the group of rebel barons at Runnymede and consented to a series of promises for new civic liberties ranging from the protection of church rights to access to swift and fair justice.

The spirits of the barons were reborn at the pageant in the guise of a series of larger-than-life puppets, representing the diverse communities that make up Wiltshire. The barons were paraded through the city from the Market Place to the Cathedral, which itself plays host to the most intact copy of the Magna Carta in existence.

Each of the barons led a delegation from communities across Wiltshire. Hundreds participated in the procession as it weaved its way to its destination, where communities came together to take part in the theatrical representation of a new great charter for Wiltshire in the 21st century.

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