Views welcomed on new Salisbury Cathedral Master Plan

Views welcomed on new Salisbury Cathedral Master Plan

Anyone who has an interest in the future of Salisbury Cathedral and the surrounding area is being asked to have their say.

The long term vision and objectives for the Cathedral and the Close are set out in Salisbury Cathedral’s Master Plan, entitled “Salisbury Cathedral – An Exceptional Place”, and are being consulted on in public until 28 October.

People are also invited to a public exhibition on 28 September at any time between 10 am and 7 pm at the Guild Hall, Salisbury.  The master plan can also be viewed at

The main proposals set out in the master plan are:

Public access to the south side of the cathedral

•    Public access to the south side of the cathedral
•    Improving general access in The Close and Welcome Point
•    Providing a permanent home for the Magna Carta
•    Provide improved access to the cathedral archives and library
•    Creating education facilities
•    New facilities for the Cathedral School
•    Development of works yard site
•    Providing new clergy housing
•    Improving office accommodation, meeting rooms and functions spaces
•    Development of choir facilities

Cabinet member for planning at Wiltshire Council, Toby Sturgis, said: “For centuries, the cathedral has performed a central role in the Salisbury’s spiritual, cultural and economic life. It ranks among the country’s most important and iconic historic landmarks and brings visitors to Wiltshire from across the world. The cathedral is looking to the future and has developed a masterplan that brings together its principal strategic aims into a single document on which the community can have its say.  I would very much encourage anyone who has an interest in the future of the cathedral to participate in this consultation.”

Jackie Molnar, Salisbury Cathedral’s chief executive and chapter clerk, said: “The cathedral’s initial consultation last year proved extremely useful in capturing the views of our many stakeholders and their thoughts greatly informed this revised document which we have now submitted to Wiltshire Council.

“The creation of this master plan is an extremely thorough process but vitally important as it will underpin and guide the future development of our great cathedral for decades to come.”



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