Thousands sign up for Wiltshire’s Big Pledge – still time to get involved

Thousands sign up for Wiltshire’s Big Pledge – still time to get involved

With less than two weeks until this year’s Olympic-themed Wiltshire’s Big Pledge begins, people are being encouraged to join nearly 9,000 residents who have already signed up.

This year’s challenge will see people take a virtual journey to Rio. ‘The Big Pledge – Road to Rio’ will run for eight weeks from 4 June until 29 July. It challenges participants to complete 20 stages and take a virtual journey around the world, including taking stops at previous Olympic host cities. The journey starts in ‘London’ and finishes at this year’s Olympic host city, ‘Rio de Janeiro.’ People can now register to take part.

People can sign up to the challenges as individuals or as a team, and this year they are:

  • Road to Rio (Teams only)
  • Running Challenge (Individuals only)
  • Cycling Challenge (Individuals only)
  • Swimming Challenge (Individuals only)
  • Walking Challenge (Individuals only)
  • Junior Sports Challenge (Individuals only)
  • Ultimate Sports Challenge (Individuals/team)

This is the third year of Wiltshire’s Big Pledge which is part of the council’s Legacy for Wiltshire programme to improve the health and wellbeing of Wiltshire’s communities.

So far, 8,930 people from right across the county have signed up to the challenge. People of all ages are getting involved including a number of pupils from many local schools.

Wiltshire Council corporate director, Maggie Rae said: “The early sign-up numbers are just fantastic and we’re delighted with the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen so far.

“We’re strong believers that if you set yourself a target then you’re more likely to be successful and I’m sure we will see plenty of success and achievements over the next couple of months.”

Wiltshire Council cabinet member for leisure, Jonathon Seed said: “What’s really encouraging is the number of young people keen to take part in Wiltshire’s Big Pledge. If we can get young people enthused by sport, leisure and keeping active from an early age, then that will have a really positive knock-on effect in their lives.

“There’s still plenty of time for people to get involved and I’m sure we’ll see those numbers increase even more.”

For more information and to sign up people should visit People can still sign up to take part after the challenge starts on 4 June.

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