The Road to Rio community challenge is now open for registration!

The Road to Rio community challenge is now open for registration!

Your community needs you! Every step counts in the Big Pledge Road to Rio community challenge!

Online registration IS OPEN for this year’s Big Pledge and it promises not only to be great fun but also get our communities more active more often.

Individuals or teams will take a virtual journey over eight weeks via previous Olympic / Paralympic host cities on the way to the venue for the 2016 Games – Rio de Janerio!

The Salisbury community area will be competing against the other 17 community areas in Wiltshire, I’m confident that we can do the town and villages proud by punching well above our weight and really have a go at winning. I am sure that in amongst the local sports clubs that the Salisbury community area has there are teams with potential to win the Road to Rio outright.

But it isn’t all about competition and there is an important message, particularly for younger people about being more active and ensuring that we all exercise regularly. So you can really make a difference to your health and wellbeing by signing up to one of this year’s sporting challenges.

It’s really simple, you register online (open now) and log your steps, or your cycling, or your rowing or swimming and you can see how far you, your team and your community has travelled.

Please spread the word throughout your clubs, organisations, friends, family, schools and work colleagues. This will be fun and every step from dog walking to marathon running will count so let’s get as many people as we can involved with this fantastic event and celebrate the Rio Olympics!

If you have any questions then please get in touch with me, I’m happy to help and PLEASE let me know once you have registered so that I am not chasing you up

Happy stepping and good luck!

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