Sustainable Salisbury – how to build a secure future for the community

Sustainable Salisbury – how to build a secure future for the community

Salisbury Transition City have organised a special event for October 8th taking place in The Guildhall Square. Visitors can see how local people are planning; creating and organising projects that will help bring about a predictable, healthy and secure environment.

Over 30 stalls from youth, environmental and transition organisations will show a wide range of products and activities. From artefacts constructed from recycled materials through to commercial non-commercial environmental solutions it is intended that there should be something of interest and enjoyment for everyone! Also STC’s own workgroups will take the opportunity to demonstrate their own projects and success stories, ranging from vegetable and crop growing, a demonstration of a micro-hydro power project (that is especially relevant to Salisbury with its many rivers!), plus  local community garden initiatives and consultative projects with local government on water power, energy and land use.

With its’ roots in the previously held ‘Green Fair’ ‘Sustainable Salisbury’ will seek to build on that legacy with a wider emphasis on lifestyle impacts from the whole range of Transition and sustainability issues. There will be a special emphasis on young people, with stalls showing a variety of skills and projects , including an initiative to send one of the stallholders on a charity mission to Kenya. These displays will demonstrate the vital need and role of young people in achieving sustainability.

There will be entertainment provided for all ages including face painting, storytelling, puppets (including the perennially popular ‘Punch and Judy’) and live music. There will even be a chance for talented visitors to showcase their talents with an open mic session! Those interested would need to call the organisers on  01722 239 963 or contact

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