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Salisbury Child Contact Centre is a local Charitable organisation that has been established in Salisbury, Wiltshire, delivering a high quality service to families for over 8 years.

Our ethos is not to seek or gain profit from family breakdowns but to enable all families, through the use of our facilities and support,  the opportunity to move forward in order that the children can maintain a good and healthy relationship with both parents.

We have been working closely for many years with the Family Courts in Salisbury and Wiltshire, with local Solicitors and Family Meditation services, as well as those statutory agencies who refer to us such as CAFCASS and Social Services, to ensure the best outcome for the families children we support.

Through our dedicated teams and commitment to the family and children we help facilitate families move contact out into the community in time and through the development of Parenting Plans, facilated by us and with parents, we achieve a positive way forward with the children be at the heart of all decisions made.

If you shop at any of the Co-op stores you can help to support this project by registering with the Co-op at (it costs £1 if you are not a member already, but you’ll soon get this back as you’ll save 5% on all your shopping!).  Select Local Cause, click the button that selects the appropriate mileage 5/10/15 radius, scroll down until you find Salisbury Child Contact centre and then click on the charity.   Thank you so much for supporting us with this!

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