Send a message of support to our military hero’s this Christmas

Send a message of support to our military hero’s this Christmas

After spending the first eight years of his military career in an infantry regiment, Nick Wadey transferred to the Royal Military Police based in Wiltshire. During his career he served on operational tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whilst on operation Herrick 14 in Afghanistan, his colleagues noticed a change in Sergeant Wadey – he had stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and became very reserved. After seeking medical help he was sent back to Germany, where he was based at the time, and placed under the care of DCMH – the military mental health team where he was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, dissociation and PTSD.

Nick says: “I have often been overseas at Christmas time, so it has never been the same, I’m not great in large social situations now, so at Christmas time I withdraw from a lot of things. I need to have routine during the festive season or I become very detached from people and social gatherings”.

Nick became involved with Help for Heroes as Core Recovery Events run by the Military Personnel Recovery are based in H4H’s Tedworth House Recovery Centre in Wiltshire. Sergeant Wadey said: “Tedworth House has been fabulous. Everybody is respectful of one another and their injury/illness. I’ve been involved in a variety of activities that I’ve had to focus on mentally–which helps with both my Tinnitus and PTSD”.

“Over the Christmas period I know that I can continue with some of the crafts I’ve been making at Tedworth House, which will keep me occupied and stop me over-thinking. I’ve had relaxation classes which have helped me sleep, as I suffer from night terrors, and being able to relax beforehand often helps. The support I’ve had from Help for Heroes is outstanding, and I’m now looking forward to the future.”

Help for Heroes are asking people to send in their own messages of support for our Heroes and their families. They’ll display them in our four Recovery Centres throughout January so that everyone there can read them and perhaps get their own boost too. Send a message of support to our heroes this Christmas by visiting

For more information, please contact the Help for Heroes communications office and email requests and information to

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