seAp’s Free and Independent Advocacy Services available to Wiltshire residents:

seAp’s Free and Independent Advocacy Services available to Wiltshire residents:





seAp (support, empower, advocate, promote) is a well-established advocacy organisation that provides both statutory and non-statutory advocacy services throughout the South of England.  All our services are client led, impartial and independent.

In Wiltshire, we provide a Military Advocacy Service (mAs) – a non-statutory advocacy service available to military veterans, and Independent Health Complaints Advocacy (IHCA) – a statutory advocacy service available to any Wiltshire resident who wishes to raise a complaint regarding NHS funded care or treatment.

seAp’s Military Advocacy Service (mAs) supports veterans, reservists, and their families, who find themselves facing a range of health, housing, financial, family and social problems when returning to civilian life.  Our military advocate works on a one-to-one basis, assisting people to identify what they need to improve their situation and supporting them to access services and entitlements.

Most of the time, people using the NHS are satisfied with the services they receive but occasionally patients or relatives have concerns about NHS care / treatment and may wish to raise a complaint.  Our Independent Health Complaints Advocates (IHCAs) guide and support people through the NHS complaints process. Advocates can assist people to clarify their issues and desired outcomes and present their complaint in a focused and productive manner.  Receiving advocacy support can make the NHS complaints process more time efficient and constructive for both the complainant and the NHS organisation.

If you would like to speak with one of our Advocates about any aspect of our mAs or IHCA services, please phone the seAp Contact Centre on 0330 440 9000 and they will transfer you to a member of the Wltshire team.  You can also find further information on the seAp website:


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