Salisbury’s focus on dementia

Salisbury’s focus on dementia

Many partners, whether churches, charities, councillors, volunteers, carers or those living with dementia are continuing to work on the local priority to make Salisbury a Dementia Friendly City.  Here is news from an artistic performance just over the county border in Dorset, which helps to convey the challenges associated with dementia…..

It’s the ’70s.  Sally likes Debbie Harry, Raymond likes making robots; they’re an unlikely pair. Flash forward to 2030. After a long, childless and sometimes bumpy marriage, Sally has Alzheimers. Before Raymond died he created a robot, uploaded with his memories, to keep her company. It’s the ultimate love letter from beyond the grave: an endlessly patient memory-jogger and singing partner, it gives order to her confusion, and becomes a new partner in the oddest of odd-couple romances. But as Sally’s mind fades, will the robot be more of a comfort or a threat?

This cleverly written piece brings added depth and a clear understanding of the stages of dementia to what could be a fairly simple love story. Great performances and high quality staging and design (including projections and of course the robot) make this a production to remember.

After the show there will be a Q&A session with a chance to meet the company, and to get up close and personal with the robot, who can even answer your questions himself. This outstanding production tours Dorset through Artsreach, the counties arts charity.

Pipeline Theatre – Spillikin

Fri 24 March, 7:30pm. Sandford Orcas Village Hall 01963 220208. £10, £7 u18s, £28 fam
Sat 25 March, 7:30pm.
Cranborne Cecil Memorial Hall 01725 517500. £10, £5 u18s, £25 fam
Sun 26 March, 7:30pm.
Winfrith Village Hall 01305 852117. £9, £7 u18s, £28 fam

Suitable 14+

“a perfectly constructed and superbly acted play” British Theatre Guide

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