Salisbury community energy

Salisbury community energy

Salisbury Community Energy (SCE) is an exciting new opportunity locally. We’re delighted to say we have been awarded our second Rural Community Energy Fund government grant for feasibility work, and both the solar pv and hydro projects are underway.

Please visit our new website here and Tell us what you think.

We are a Community Benefit Society, formed in March this year. Our purpose is to drive the uptake of renewable energy (solar pv and hydro/microhydro) in the Salisbury area. Profits go into a Community Benefit Fund, with a particular focus on flood resilience. Salisbury came within millimetres of a disastrous city centre flood in February 2015.

Renewable energy installations are paid for by a community share offer. Local investors receive a fair return. Salisbury benefits from new renewable energy, financial gain, and community projects involving everyone. Site owners gain discounted electricity.

Please do complete our super-quick survey here, and let us have your views. Or if you just want to register your interest and stay in touch, you can do so here.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you.


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