Putting the band back together

Putting the band back together

Why do we stop playing? What might make us start again? 

All those guitars propped up in bedrooms. Voices only heard in the shower. Drum kits taking too much space in garages.

 It’s time to blow off the dust. We’re putting the band back together!

 Part riotous gig, part tender storytelling, Ross Millard (The Futureheads), Maria Crocker (The Letter Room) and Alex Elliott (Northern Stage) reveal epic emotions within people’s relationships with music.

 Each performance includes a house band and you could be part of it. If you would like to join in email but don’t worry, you can just come and enjoy the show without a musical instrument!

 There are still some places left for the house band for tonight’s (or Saturday’s) performance of Putting the Band Back Together in the Salberg if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be. No previous experience necessary, anyone who enjoys singing or fancies a tinkle on a keyboard/ukulele or tambourine, can come along at 6-7pm tonight to try things out and then can be in the show.

 Unfortunately, there is a minimum age of 16 for taking part – but this offer is open to family members as well!

 Unfolding Theatre are lovely and have said anyone can pop in to the Salberg today if they have any questions about it.


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