#Make Someone Welcome Campaign

#Make Someone Welcome Campaign

Would you like to have new, enthusiastic group members from all walks of life? Do you want to make your group accessible to all?  If you have answered YES to these questions then you need to join Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living’s ‘MAKE SOMEONE WELCOME’ Campaign.

At Wiltshire CIL we work with disabled people of all ages.  We know that disabled people who live in your community often have problems accessing local events and groups and can remain isolated in their homes.  We want to make sure everybody in Wiltshire is able to live a good and full life in their own communities.

How can we help you?

  • We will work with you making sure you have the skills and understanding to welcome anybody and everybody into your group.
  • We will help you identify people in your community and encourage them to become active members of you group
  • You will be able to advertise for free in our newsletter, which goes out to over 2000 people, and via our social media sites as we promote the campaign #MakeSomeoneWelcome
  • We can offer free talks from our excellent speakers; Matt and Abbie who can share their experiences of living life to the full as a disabled person in Wiltshire
  • There will be opportunities to link with other groups who have signed up to the campaign

What will we have to do?

  • Sign up to the Make Someone Welcome campaign with a commitment to welcome disabled people into your group
  • Have someone within your group who is prepared to act as a ‘meet and greeter’.

For more details contact Abbie or Matt on 0300 1233 442 or email

Pledge your support now by posting with the attached sign and posting it on twitter or Facebook, remembering to add @wiltscil and #MakeSomeoneWelcome to your post/ tweet.


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