Happy Easter from SHINE Wiltshire

Happy Easter from SHINE Wiltshire

SHINE Wiltshire has finished for Easter. Fifteen families have been attending SHINE since January and have been exploring different tips and topics to help them improve their healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

Easter is coming!!!

On average each child in Britain receives eight Easter eggs each year….

Why not balance Easter out and encourage your little bunnies to expend some energy whilst finding their Eater eggs?

  • Create a hunt around the garden or local park with clues and challenges to do along the way ‘Hop to the gate post’, ‘Hop like a bunny to your next clue’ That way your little bunny will be burning energy whilst hunting for their Easter surprises!
  • Exchange some chocolate eggs for hard boiled eggs or some Papier-mâché eggs that the children can paint.
  • Swap your big eggs for smaller eggs, less calories but just as enjoyable!


During the 10 week SHINE programmes that have been occurring in Chippenham, Trowbridge and Salisbury, the children have been working with their parents to further their understanding as to what constitutes as healthy options and tips on what to look for when shopping in the supermarkets, making their lunchboxes for school and when eating out at their favourite restaurant.

Parents have reported to have seen noticeable changes to their child’s behaviour and cooperation and children have reported to feel more energetic and sleep better since joining the programme. As well as reducing their BMI and hip and waist measurements.

Parents have said;

‘I am very pleased with SHINE, how its run and how the team did not judge us.’

‘It is relaxed and friendly, where no judgements are made just support offered. I would highly recommend this programme which is delivered at the perfect pace and level for all aged children. ‘

‘You make great friends and it is already changing my children’s attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. We are on a healthy journey and it has already had a positive impact on our family.’


What is SHINE?

Shine Wiltshire is a 10 week healthy lifestyle programme developed for children aged 7-11 years, specifically designed for young people above their healthy weight. SHINE supports them and their families to make the necessary changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. Each 2 hour weekly session covers various topics on nutrition, food, and physical activity. SHINE really focuses on fun, and children and families that have been involved so far have really enjoyed being part of SHINE and have made some really significant progress too which has been fantastic to see! The SHINE teams are really inspirational and motivational and have lots of various experiences they share with the children and families. The course is free.

Summer Programmes are available to sign up to now!

  • Monkton Park Primary School, Chippenham on Tuesdays from 21st April.
  • Oasis Academy Longmeadow, Trowbridge on Wednesdays from 22nd April.
  • Manor Fields Primary School, Salisbury on Wednesdays from 22nd April.
  • Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth on Thursdays from 23rd April.

If you are interested in the SHINE Wiltshire programme please contact the SHINE team at or Victoria Richardson on 01225 716674.

To download a leaflet or for more information please visit

People can check whether they, or anyone in their family, are within the healthy weight range by visiting


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