Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to be happy?

The last year has been challenging for many people and this year has also started with many uncertainties. This is why specialist veterinary radiologist Petra Agthe from Salisbury has decided to increase the positivity in the world by launching the Good Life Campaign, a science-based internet blog about happiness and well-being.

Petra has developed a personal interest in the human mind and happiness, and she will be sharing this information over the next 12 months in weekly to bi-monthly posts on the Good Life blog. The main aim of the blog is to inform the readers how everybody can improve their personal wellness and find their own road to happiness, whilst fundraising for two charities – the International Rescue Committee and the World Veterinary service. However, donations are not required for viewing the blog, as Petra recognizes that many people are under financial pressure or already committed to other good charities.

To follow Petra’s Good Life Campaign throughout 2017 go to Donations can be made anytime either by going to a link on the blog website or by going directly to

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