Converting to Part Night Lighting in Salisbury

Converting to Part Night Lighting in Salisbury

Wiltshire Council needs to save money and reduce its carbon footprint by reducing energy usage. Rising energy costs, carbon tax and budget restraints make it necessary to change the way we light our streets.

We will be converting some of the street lights in our towns and surrounding areas, so that some of them are not on between about midnight and 5.30am where it is safe to do so. Lights at junctions, pedestrian crossings and where required for safety will remain on all night. Lighting where there are CCTV systems, in the town centre, and in areas where crime is a problem will remain on and at normal lighting levels.

The scheme was the subject of a county-wide consultation in 2012 when the views of the public and organisations were invited before the Council’s Cabinet considered the matter.

The scheme has been operating successfully in Trowbridge for over six months and will be rolled out in the other towns this summer. A review of the scheme will be undertaken after six months to determine whether further changes are necessary, and the views of the Town and Parish Councils will be sought.

The Salisbury Area Board, instigated by your Councillor Brian Dalton, has asked that Salisbury residents be provided with a further opportunity to see and comment on the detailed scheme prior to its implementation.

Maps of the roads indicating which street lights are to come under this scheme are available at .

For further information, please contact Karen Linaker, Community Engagement Manager on 01722 434697.

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