Co-Cars ‘pay-as-you-drive’ car share comes to Salisbury

Co-Cars ‘pay-as-you-drive’ car share comes to Salisbury

hOURCARS, Salisbury’s long standing community car share club, has joined with Co-Cars, a fast-growing car share co-operative based in Exeter, to provide an even better service to members. There are now two vehicles available in Salisbury – one in York Road and one in Central Car Park – and smart card technology has made the process of booking and using the vehicles easier than ever.
The expansion has been made possible thanks to grant funding from the Department for Transport, through Carplus, and from Wiltshire Council through Salisbury Area Board.
The merger with Co-Cars provides additional benefits for members as they can now use Co-Cars vehicles based at other locations across the South West as well as those in Salisbury. And it’s very affordable and easy to join, with individual or household membership at £25 a year, and free membership for businesses. For those who only need a car on an occasional basis using a car share club works out a lot cheaper than owning a car, and saves the hassle of searching for a parking space or dealing with tax, insurance and maintenance. Further information, including current rates and details of how to apply for membership, are available on the website at

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