BBC 2 The Repair Shop

BBC 2 The Repair Shop

My name is Ryan and I’m on the casting team at Ricochet TV; part of Warner Brothers TV Production, UK ( )

We are making a new television show for BBC2 called The Repair Shop.  The show investigates repairing beloved and interesting possessions for people who would like to see them brought back to their original working order.  The kind of items we have come across so far have ranged from inherited pocket watches to grandfather clocks, from rocking horses to drawn carriages, even from toy cars to camper vans.  We have a team of experts who cover all trades such as blacksmithing, ceramics, clockmakers, upholsterers and carpenters.

Please can you help spread the word amongst your parishes, networks and communities to see if anyone has any items that might be suitable that they’d like to put forward.

Additionally, as well as sentimental or interesting items belonging to individuals, we’d really love to feature and repair a few items in the show  that have a community value, something treasured or essential to a community that has fallen into disrepair, perhaps has an interesting story and purpose for the village or town.

For example some towns, villages and communities have certain items that are important to them; they could be memorial plaques, eroded statues, snapped weather vanes, broken sun dials, cracked gargoyles or fading carvings.

Please note that although a lot of things can be moved, items would need not to be permanently stuck in position; for example, some larger statues or water fountains are grand logistical feats to move.  The item would be repaired at our repair shop (a barn outfitted for our experts) and given back to the community at no expense to the owner.  Additionally there would be broadcasted TV coverage from the start to the end of the work, in the work shop and also when the item is revealed to the owner or community.

Please also note that we are receiving a lot of items and interest across the country and sometimes they can be too big and take too long to fix, so please don’t be disheartened if we can’t repair it this time.  If you’re happy to do so, please share this information amongst your community: that would be appreciated greatly.

If perhaps you might have something you’d love to see repaired, then please contact us at or call us on 01273 224800.

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