Bach by Candlelight

Bach by Candlelight

The first of three “Bach by Candlelight – Mystical Music Meditations” will be performed by violinist Frida Backman. The concert offers a space for reflection and introspection. You are invited to bring a candle in a holder. There will be a pre-concert talk at 7:00 PM and the music meditation starts at 7:30 PM.

The “Sei Soli” for solo violin by J.S.Bach are nearly 300 years old. The three Sonatas are structurally like the Church Sonata, part of the Catholic mass. The three Partitas, lighter in character, are based on the Baroque dance suite. In “Sei Soli” J.S.Bach balances religious and secular forms of musical expression.

The first programme consists of Sonata No.1 and Partita No.2, which includes the iconic, monumental Chaconne. Frida says, “Listening to the Chaconne can be a transformative journey. It is an arch of music spanning 64 variations.”

For more information visit or Twitter @FridaBackmanVLN

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