New Wiltshire Alert I.C.E Card for Salisbury

New Wiltshire Alert I.C.E Card for Salisbury

On Friday 26th February 2016 Councillor Keith Humphries and Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson will be helping the Salisbury Safe Places Group to launch the new Wiltshire Alert I.C.E. Card at Salisbury City Hall.

The Wiltshire I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) card is something that can be used by the holder if anything goes wrong or they need help when they are out and about, for example:-
• They need others to help if they need unexpected support.
• They feel scared or have difficulty explaining themselves.
• They need someone else to phone their emergency contact.

People are advised that a good place to use their I.C.E. card is in Safe Places. Safe Places can be any public building or shop which is open to the public and displaying a Safe Place sticker in their window. Staff there will take time to listen, help you make a telephone call and provide you with somewhere to sit.  Salisbury has over 30 premises officially designated as a Safe Place.  For more information on the Safe Places scheme and the I.C.E. card, please contact Karen Linaker on 01722 434697.

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