50,000 ice cards rolling out across Wiltshire

50,000 ice cards rolling out across Wiltshire

50,000 cards will over the coming months be rolling out across Wiltshire as the Safe Places Scheme is spreading and is now nearly in all our Towns and City. Make sure you get your supply to hand out to people who would find them helpful with the Safe Place Scheme and in other situations. Safe Place Schemes have recently launched in Warminster, Durrington, Amesbury, we are still looking to support more towns to get involved, so please do get in touch.

We hope to introduce a bi/monthly Newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date with what is happening in the areas. So please let us have your news stories. Also keep in touch via our Facebook Page  This year we want to work towards expanding the Safe Places Scheme to one which considers wider aspects of keeping our communities safe by action by local people and groups. The Salisbury Safe Places Steering Group has already started on this initiative and as this develops we hope to share their work with other steering groups throughout Wiltshire. So please WATCH OUT for further news.

For any further information on these items please contact Tim Mason, Partnership Manager, Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership email:

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