Wool Donations

Hello my name is Trixie and I am a freelance Faerie Entertainer and avid Knitter. I am currently trying to raise funds in order to buy a camper van I am able to live in over the festival period next year. I am looking for any wool that you may have lying around your houses/in your loft/in forgotten box’s so I can create scarves and gloves and sell them as recycled items on etsy. My shop is The Doofer Exchange on Etsy and the company I manage are ‘The Seelie Court Faeries’ known as ‘The Seelie Court Faerie Circus’ on facebook. We promote fun and mischief as pixies and as I am a fire Faerie I like to keep people warm with woolies of all kinds :0)
Would really appreciate any help you are able to give, I will be working at a homeless shelter this winter where I hope to take some warm things with me and offer out to those less fortunate. I also aim to teach them hula hoop, poi and generally help them to smile whatever their situation.

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