Dog Litter

Our beautiful and historic area is host to lots of dogs. (Stats say at least 25% of homes in rural communities field a dog). As a dog fan, we usually say hello and let them have a sniff (you know, to check credentials). However, dogs need looked after in terms of social responsibility, do they not? Increasingly our local highways, byways and verges are piling up with ‘dog litter’ (to be polite about it). Dog nappies aside, there are easy, commonsense ways to contain (sic) the damage. For example: Choose your walkies moment with care (dogs often evacuate around meal times, as we know, to make room for incoming). Certainly you will be familiar with your own dog’s habits in this regard. Having scheduled, as well as busy lives allow; then, if a number two does occur when out and about (highly probable) – simply bag it. Be sure to take your bag home, though! Finally, do bear in mind that there’s no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy, sadly.

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