Dog Litter 2

Case Study – Maiden Bradley Village. . .

According to the Flush Doggy Poop Calculator, a 40-pound dog will generate over 250 pounds of waste in one year. If 25% of rural households field a dog (conservative estimate) and 20% of dog owners (come on, be honest) don’t scoop their dog’s poo…well, let’s try the math:

Say we have about 130 dwellings in and around the village (current population about 335 of us), then that’s maybe 30 odd dogs (probably more) – minus 5% whose owners scoop (well done) = (rounding generously down) 25 dogs. Now, according to stats we have a potential accumulated total of annual dog poo at an average dog’s weight of perhaps 40lbs = 250lbs/year x 25 local unscooped dogs = 6,250lbs (= 2,835kgs = 2.790 UK tons!) of dog poo poisoning ‘specific areas’ (black spots*) of local soil annually. Can you dig this info, everyone?

Even if we modify that figure a little to accommodate gap days such as inclement weather/holidays, statistical deviation, and so on. Whatever, it still indicates a clearly unacceptable (but easily avoidable) toxic/infestation pollution problem.

Moreover, even when it’s not there, it is. With (slow) rainwater dispersal and subsequent seepage into the local soil and streams, unscooped dog poo is a serious health hazard to people (youngsters in particular) and other creatures (both wild and domestic). ‘Dog litter’ is yet another unnecessary burden to add to our already quite dangerously stressed local/national environment. And we’re just one small village. Scale the whole issue up geographically (if you have the nerve to contemplate that).

Do the math for your area?

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