Closure of Broken Cross bridge, A338

The railway bridge at Broken Cross, on the A338 between Salisbury and The Winterbournes is to be closed for a period of fifteen weeks from 31st October this year. This will have a huge impact on the residents of The Winterbournes, effectively cutting the village off, with access only via The Portway or the A30 and Porton. This is allowed to happen because Network Rail have to increase the bridge height to allow for new “cube” freight trailers, which will increase the amount of goods transported by rail rather than road. Noone can argue that more rail freight isn’t a good idea, but what happens to The Winterbournes in the meantime? I own the local shop and am looking into getting some kind of compensation for loss of earnings. (Which will inevitably happen as 50% of our trade is passing through) So far I cannot find any way of getting financial help, so whether the business will still be here at the end of February is debatable. What about the local pubs and small businesses, the people who work in Salisbury, and the schoolchildren who travel either from Salisbury to the local school, or from the Bourne Valley to Salisbury schools? I hope some of these questions will be answered at a public meeting to be held in the Glebe Hall, Winterbourne Earls on Tuesday 24th July at 7pm.

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  1. Steve Pugh

    Why didn’t they do this during the school summer holidays? It is causing absolute bedlam for the parents of school children and those that work in Salisbury.

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