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I understood that no businesses were supposed to be advertising on Our Community Matters. In that case why is there a twitter thing from Howards House Hotel. this should not be on the site.

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  1. Matthew

    Thank you for your comments. Under our terms of use for the site one of the criteria under which an item someone posts on the site may be removed is where it is a commerical advert to get people to buy something.

    The twitter feed is slightly different, as it automatically pulls in tweets sent by other people based on the criteria we set. One of these is currently the word “Salisbury”. This basically means that any tweet with this word in it will appear in this section. This means there may be the ocassional advert that slips through but the alternative would be to stop pulling in tweets with this word in it which would prevent a lot of items of genuine local interest appearing here. What are your thoughts? Do we have the right balance here?

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